My Malaysian Escapade to Pelangi
Monday, June 16, 2008 4 comments

Hoho, boy was I afraid when I made my way to Msia checkpoint for the first time in a long time. You know like following people and acting like you know the way. And so I reached Msia not knowing how it would actually turn out after I left the Msia Customs.

On first glance it struck me that it certainly does not resemble anything like Singapore. Touts are all avaliable asking people for taxis, beggars all around. Certainly an eye opener just coming out of Spore like 55mins ago. The first thing I did while waiting for Ren Sun's car was to buy a chewing gum from the Mobil station and started chewing the 'forbidden fruit'. Boy was it damn shiok, cheap thrills are always the most satisfying don't you know? :)

And so I waited like 10 minutes before RS arrived at the Mobil station just outside the checkpoint and it was great to have him to be the guide cause I'm like a noob in Msia. The roads are very perplexing and you can get lost the minute you start driving cause there are so many small roads around the place.

It was almost 1130am when I saw him and he brought me straight for a good authentic Msian lunch.

Dry Beef Noodles, Msian Style. You cannot find anything like this in Spore in a million years. The beef was superbly marinated to perfection. Baik!

After lunch he drove me to his house to see his mom first. Ha, lucky I brought a nice packet of rou gan to give to her. She said, "Nian qing ren bu yong jiang ke qi le! Hen han jian de nian qing ren" Haha, shiok bo! His mom looks very radiant and very beautiful, prolly due to the less stress free environment in Msia compared to Spore. The effects of a hectic society, ageing.

His study/gaming room and my bed for the night lol.

So we went to this place Leisure Mall near his place to play some arcade and showed me around. The stuff are really much cheaper as compared to Spore so I grabbed the chance and got all my medical supplies and some tolietries from the Giant inside the mall. Shiok!

Leisure Mall

Haha. King Surf LAN SHOP. Very high class this LAN Shop and has 3 levels, all LCD screens. At RM 2.50/ hr and having a damn wide array of games avaliable is damn worth it. We had a few rounds of DOTA together but we went back like a few times haha. Addiction to the games. NFS Carbon, FIFA 08 etc. Damn fun, we had endless laughs.

Look at RS. So stress over playing games. The winning mentality!

Soon we got tired and left KS and went to have some dessert. I was amazed by the selection of ice creams in the MAC inside the mall. Very different from Spore and comparatively better in taste and price!

Presenting the Banana Toffee Sundae. The white ice cream is STRONGLY flavoured with banana essence and it really is a delicious pairing made in heaven. Cheap THRILLs are always the best. Damn SHIOK x 2 ;p.

It was around 6pm when RS's mom called and asked us to settle our dinner ourselves cause she was going to eat with his uncle and aunties who came over to their house. Having just ate the ice cream, we were damn thirsty so he drove me to City Square, this posh shopping mall near the customs to walk around first and at the same time waste more energy so that we could have a better appetite. We walked around the entire mall and I bought Men's Health cause the edition was interesting @ 4.50SGD (CHEAP) having an artice on Padma Lakshmi

Padma(a judge on the show) with the 'Top Chef' Season 2 runner up

And so I wondered how cheap could stuff be in Msia? I found out that not everything was as cheap as expected. Branded stuff of mainstream brands like Adidas cost almost the same as that in Spore, almost no difference. Only the F&B (mostly) are cheaper. So I suggested we go have a drink cause my throat was hurting from the indulgence of toffee earlier without drinking water after that. So we went to Starbucks and I bought 2 Dark Mocha Frappe. RM 16.00 for the venti size. So its like $1 SGD cheaper compared to Spore. SHIOK. The cheesecakes were mostly RM7.90 per piece. Also $1 SGD cheaper. Haha, heaven for cheesecake lovers. I saw other version of cheesecakes that were not readily seen in Spore like Belgian Cheesecake and this Triple Layer Cheesecake (consisted of tolberone,mocha and cheese). In the end we didn't buy any cheesecakes cause we would not have space for dinner later.

Dark Mocha Frappe!

We were supposed to look for cheap jerseys in 'Holiday Plaza' but it seems like the shops disappeared. Too bad. But we saw loads of pirated shops there. I guess they give 'coffee' money to the cops. Open so brazenly in the mall, if it were Spore, it would have been raided within the hour. Haha.

And it was dinner/supper time!

Ikan Bakar and a variety of other foods. Eat until puke. Both of us including auntie and her sister staying in the house at supper and talked non stop. Her mom is damn power, quadlingual person. Dia boleh cakap bahasa cina, inggeris, melayu dan canto. Baiklah la Mak Cik! His landed property living room

His secret gaming room just behind the kitchen. This computer is placed beside a fridge, how convenient can.

We continued watching Euro on his telly until about 315am and we were damn shag and hit the sack immediately. Woke up this morning at 10am and pergi ke pusat komputer King Surf to have another round to DOTA. Addicted to it cause the LAN place is damn nice and cheap.

Before leaving for Spore, we went to eat Jap food near the vicinity of the KS LAN shop. Again, we spent only 25SGD and ate like kings there. Ate unagi, potato croquettes, tofu and many more. How enjoy. LOL.

Sangat murah daripada singapura.

That was it. One day in Msia Pelangi area and it was another 1hr 30 min back to Tampines from Woodlands via 168. Damn fast and efficient. Love it.

Till i blog again ..

Dua Puluh Tiga Hari Jadi ialah Qian Hui di restoran Bali House
Saturday, June 14, 2008 0 comments

Watched 'The Incredible Hulk' with Sihui @ Cathay Downtown East. RATHER good I felt the show. Not giving any spoilers but you can go watch the show. The fight scenes are rather good man.
Rating: 7/10 (: -->Watch this Green thing at a cinema near you

I JUST only came out of the cinema when TK called me and said that he was going to join Qian Hui's sec sch friends and celebrate her birthday instead of just passing her the birthday pressie we got for her and meet me in TM for dinner. I was stunned cause I didnt prepare anything to bring with me last minute although we had that pressie ( body lotion and a serum), wasn't nice to go empty handed so Sihui and I went to White Sands in double time to look around and we bought this.

Horoscope flower for gemini: Lily @ $18. Ex? Haha but last minute what to do.

By the time I arrived, everyone already finished their main course and I was just tucking in into mine lol. My god.

Then came the main event of the night..

All the presents with the Tiramisu Cake from SwissBake, courtesy of TKAction only. She looks like she's going to butcher the cake. Being her enemy you know what will be coming. Kena BEHEADED.
Her secondary school besties

Her Secondary School guy friends. Some of them having complicated relationships with her HAHA. Lets just leave it here la. (:

NUS representatives. TK and ME.

Our presents: A SwissBake Tiramisu Cake, Lily, Lotion & Serum.

Where to find such good friends. Cheah like what only. Haha.

Packaging worth like 5 bucks already.

Her bestie bought her this damn good chocos that are like the 'Rolls Royce' of chocolates. Damn expensive and comes with a ice pack and an insulating bag to keep it cold all the way. How pro is that for packaging. They even provide stuff like tiny spoons. What attention to detail these connoisseur chocolates can be. Damn good stuff fit for royalties. The milk chocolate is covered with cocoa powder(which makes it look very untidy)makes the chocolate damn nice. SwissBake Tiramisu Cake. The cocoa powder on the top of the cake really brings out the wonders of this Tiramisu. Without it, the cake is really crying out for something. Really good stuff man TK. Good job in buying this cake !

After dinner, TK and I didnt join them for KBOX cause we had stuff tomorrow so we opted to go for a drink, in this case 'Ice lime tea' to cleanse our system. I suggested going to this place which I knew best that had the cheapest and the best value for money place. We sat down and chilled for awhile and chatted abt some stuff then went home. Rather shiok.

Tomorrow gg to Msia to visit Ren Sun and staying overnight for a day, coming back on Monday morning. First time going into Malaysia after a long time and ALONE cause the rest of our gang not free. Alamak. Hope I dont get lost tomorrow!

Till i blog again ..

Secondary School Nostalgia
Friday, June 13, 2008 0 comments

After work at 11pm, I took 29 to Sihui's house to grab her car so that we could pick up Raymond and Mun Loong at Tampines MRT for supper.

The initial plan was to go HK cafe at White Sands but we decided to go T3's coffee club for whatever the reasons haha. Its been a long time since i drove again and the feeling was very good. The need for speeeeed.

Interpret the logo: Is this a cup or a face?

So nice!
Even at any angle!

T3 is really a very upscale and posh place I must say with all the glitters and everything. It was damn fun to catch up again and talk about all the nonsense of the past. It was like secondary was yesterday and we were time-ported back into time. So many laughs, so little worries in life, when everyday was just going school, going to LAN shops, going to arcades and playing computer games. 

Haha, in the past I was really damn slack until my parents were quite worried that I might not even make it into JC. *phew lucky I did scrap through.

So we ordered.. 

1. Seafood Lasagna

The Dish: Layers of juicy prawns, squid and mussels and tangy tomato sauce topped with a thick crust of melted cheese.

The truth is, I love lasagna cause it rocks!

2. Baked Chix And Zucchini Rice

This was rather bland and tasteless I must say. Least favourite dish.

3. Coffee Club Burger aka Beef Burger

We divided the burger into 4 parts and yanked it down straight. While we were eating, we were talking about how the beef patty are made. From our very insightful discussion we have decided that it was made from everything other than those used for steak which is placed into a grinder and blended into a nice looking burger patty which we are enjoying everyday. Disgusting yet very true. I saw it on Ch12 "Dirty Jobs" by Mike Rowe once. THEY DONT WASTE ANY PART OF THE CATTLE.

And finally..

The star of the day...

Muddy Mud Pie

Sihui has been complaining since the last outing to the same outlet that we never ate this dessert. OKAY NOW YOU HAVE IT. ;p

It certainly looks like one side wall of the Grand Canyon. It really very tall i tell you this monster ice cream cake. Divided into 2 layers(choc and coffee) with a nice hard dark choc crust at the bottom like those you would find similar in an a-la-american cheesecake.

Raymond and Mun Loong were like addicted to the oreo crust they sprinkled on the plate itself. It very addictive I tell you this dessert. Better order one when you are there.

Time for the bill.

Overall: I thought the service was quite good although the waitress that was taking our order was quite confused and I had to repeat what we wanted for like 4 times cause she kept double-checking but no offence. I know you don't want to screw up and make the chef do a double job. 

And to our surprise we got a discount for the dessert cause we order at least 2 main course and there was a discount for the Muddy Mud Pie. AWESOME. Mun Loong was like damn sian cause he forgot to bring his airport staff pass cause there would be a 15% discount off the final amount.


Good food and a damn good ambience to relax, but maybe it is the timing haha, 12am man.

I'm still thinking whether I should go M'sia to visit Ren Sun and enjoy myself over there before I fly off next wednesday cause by the time I'm back he's already back in America to continue his studies. Maybe I should, I dont even know when I will see him again after this time.

Alright, time to have lunch! 3pm work again

Till i blog again ..

Slowly but Surely
Thursday, June 12, 2008 0 comments

Back from another 3-11 shift. 

Watching Portugal v Czech online on sopcast. Very good quality man haha.

Wow, time does fly. Its like 6 more days to LA but it seems there something in me that does not feel excited? Ha. Strange la. Amassed about close to 900 bucks from work (: *winks. My fossil wallet, oakley sunglasses are calling me haha. I'm just looking forward to buy cheap stuffs there that cost like crazy in Singapore.

Okay I think I better get back to the match.

6 more days!

I have to go search for a money bag tomorrow man.

Till i blog again ..

Sam's BBQ Gathering
Monday, June 09, 2008 0 comments

Sam e man for organizing this BBQ gathering. It was so much fun! Sam organized this BBQ gathering because everyone is going overseas soon so it some sort of a have-fun-enjoy yourself-BBQ party.

Sam's father is really a very cool guy(in black below).

Really very friendly haha.
Tiff on the chopping block LOL

The Quartet of advance party. Sam is the missing guy haha.

Starting the Fire.

Packing the stingray with the sambal belacan 

"Satay Club" standard charcoal piling haha. Daniel and Tiff was also helping out in setting up the 2nd fire pit.

May the chickens be with you. *winks

Having an Absolut Citrus + Sprite. Uncle brought the Absolut Citrus from home down for us. Uber cool. Haha, at least we drank like 3/8 of the bottle cause not alot of us drank. Jasmine was a good drinker, quite a few cups but her face doesnt even have a tinge of redness. The guy beside me is Sam's friend, Zhong Han. Great guitarist!

Wondering why everyone are busy licking their spoons? Ching Wen aka EUNICE ( I only knew today haha) bought horlicks and chocolate and hersheys from a place called "Ice Cream Chefs". Damn damn good shit. I think you guys have to check out their ice creams. Really damn good. I was like hooked on the horlicks but everyone disliked it. So I had the whole carton to myself HAHA.

Debre bought a damn nice cake for the belated bday boy Daniel and the coming soon Erina's bday. I was in charge of protecting the candles from extinguishing themselves and holding the knife.

Group photo suggested by uncle. Ching Wen is missing from the picture because she left early.

Before leaving Sam e man 's house.

Another group photo is sam e man's living room. His father said "Must give him to QC the picture after every picture" LOL damn amusing.

Yeah, thats about all the pictures I have of the BBQ. Good Ol times of having fun with friends and having a great time during the holidays. Really enjoyed the BBQ haha. So shiok. Uncle said "We must have this again soon" haha. Sam's parents helped alot for this BBQ while most of the time we slacked around. Even the first fire pit was started by uncle first then we took over and completed the fire. Damn ON la uncle haha. Sam said his father was talking alot to me -_-! Thanks dude.

Alright. Signing out here for today.

Till i blog again ..


Catching up with time*
Saturday, June 07, 2008 0 comments

Had 2 days of rest from work in the hotel.

Thursday I met up with Tiffany at MS to have dinner and watch Indy at GV Marina. Thanks lor, haha said 3pm in the end arrived at 4pm. I was so bored that I went to sit at the Xin Wang HK Cafe and order a cup of yuan yang to cool myself cause the weather was quite hot.

She bought me a nice Nike white shirt ( haha my fav colour, thanks!)

Since the movie was at 710pm we went to Lerk Thai for early dinner and ordered quite alot of stuff to eat. Haha, catching up was so fun having to understand what she went thru in Arizona for the last 3 months and side tracked to some other stuff which are sensitive ha! Well Tiff I can just tell you, follow your heart I guess.

'Love' sometimes is just peculiar, you can be happy with someone and the next day she asks for a break up. I guess this is just the learning process and we have to move on no matter what. Just like whats happening to Qian Hui and Mun Loong. Guys, be sad no more! Being single ain't that bad sometimes. Breaking up is always hard but what to do?

Talking about Qian Hui, Tiff and I was walking walking around looking for the directory board when we saw her haha. I just pretended and walked pass in front of her path. Bang me la. Thanks. Almost lost my balance and lao kui haha. It was good to see her after our last paper, my LAM 1201 malay module buddy. Chatted for awhile then we decided to go have a drink after our Indy show at about 9pm.

Suddenly Samuel called Tiffany and he appeared in MS also haha. So we discussed about the coming Sunday bbq at his hume ave condo and what to bring to help out with the preparation. He left and we went on to watch our movie.

After the movie ended which was rather in a bizarre way (no spoilers are going to be revealed) haha, Tiff and I went to look for Qian Hui at the MS starbucks and we took a train to Raffles Place and went to the first bar we saw. CLOSED lor at like 10pm. Seriously. So we went across the road and decided to pop into the first bar we see and there it was "ESKI BAR"

The entrance macam like a damn meat chiller in the hotel kitchen. People can still enjoy their drink whilst shivering in the midst of it. We however, went into the inner part of the bar sat down and enjoy the music and chit chat about alot of stuff the 3 of us.

Ordered Mai Tai for myself(Rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, vodka), White Russian for Qian Hui(Kahlua, vodka and a dash of milk) and Tiffany's fav drink Bailey Smoothie ( dont really know whats the components but tasted like blended vanilla ice cream milkshake) haha. Not CHEAP lor. 52 bucks okay. I treated them haha. Now im a pauper! :(

I think we drank each others drinks so we were abit high cause the mixing of the alcoholic contents creates a bad concoction haha! We had a great time there though it was like 10-1130pm because we had to catch the last MRTs back home. Our faces were palely reddish when we boarded the train lol.

Oh yah, I also saw Xiu Jun aka Scamp SP when I was in "The Planet Traveller" shop buying a Nylon Waist Wallet for my trip to LA. Poor her, she applied with her friends to work at John Little but she was the only one who got posted to MS outlet. No wonder she always complain she is the suay one lol. Cheer up XJ !

Not bad eh, met so many friends in a day without any arrangements

I guess I'm going to hit the sack. 11am work tomorrow till 11pm? Well have to tahan I guess to earn the money for my trip.

11 more days to departure!

Till i blog again ..

*cough/ work rantings
Sunday, May 25, 2008 0 comments

Oof, another 3-12mn shift. My legs are aching but I'm still thinking whether I should continue to use the hotel gym tomorrow LOL.

Lots of people ask me like:

"Eh, why you don't go outside and work some other job? You surely can find something that pay better than this crap job in the hotel"

"You can earn more money dont want AH! you crazy one lor!"

"You work like from sunrise to sundown, you no need to sleep huh!"

Haha, come on.

Even some guests ask me like where I study and when I told them I was studying in NUS, they were most puzzled. Probably thinking why is this guy of 'supposedly high calibre of IQ' (cause of NUS) doing in the hospitality business?

Well, probably I think I don't really like to sit down on a desk and just wait for money to drop. Being in this service line during the holidays is actually a new learning experience. You see the light in most stuffs.

How people mechanics work.
Why do people backstab each other. The wolf in a sheep's clothing type of people
People and relationships. How different department work in tandem or most of the time quarrelling non-stop
Work politics is probably the most common thing in the hotel business.
Exposure to the real world everyday when I go to work.

Ah crap, the summer exchange to LA is coming up soon and I'm still like not really reading the travel guides I borrowed from the library. OH, yeah I realised I haven't borrow for 5 YEARS and had to renew the membership cause the machine wouldn't let me borrow the book initially. The librarian who was helping me was shocked that I haven't borrowed for the last 5 years. LOL. *too busy with whatever that I was busy with la -_-'

18 June, 345pm flight. Mark that date for those of you who watch this blogspace. probably none. haha

Alright I'm going to hit the sack soon.

Till i blog again ..

Ivan the terrible haha :o manchesterunitedfanatic,

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